YouTube’s Top Trending Games of June

YouTube’s trending games list looks at games that are growing in both watchtime and uploads. Here’s what was trending in the U.S. this June:

  1. Batman: Arkham Knight
  2. Lego Jurassic World
  3. Fallout 4
  4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  5. Lego Worlds
  6. The Elder Scrolls Online
  7. Skylanders: SuperChargers
  8. Star Wars Battlefront
  9. Final Fantasy VII
  10. Heroes of the Storm

Let’s take a deeper dive into what’s trending and why:

Batman: Arkham Knight - The highly anticipated Batman simulator was a huge hit on YouTube. There are lots of angles to enjoy - YouTubers were interested in searching for easter eggs, learning how to pull of impressive combos and, of course, trying out the game with Adam West.
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Lego: Jurassic World - Lego video games are becoming as reliably popular as the toy they are based on (more on that a little later in the list). In June, the film "Jurassic World" broke several box office world records including the biggest North American weekend of all time. Put it all together and you’ve got the second fastest growing game on YouTube in June.
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Fallout 4 - Fallout 4 won YouTube’s E3 trailer battle with 14 million views, the most votes, and the most comments. But remember, to be a trending game it’s not enough to just have a popular trailer - you need to have lots of YouTube creators uploading video about your game. Thankfully just a brief glimpse of Fallout 4 provided more than enough grist for commentators to start analyzing the game, its plot, and potential connections to the rest of the series.
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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - If you look at a calendar, we’re actually closer to the release of November’s Call of Duty: Black Ops III than 2014’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. But Advanced Warfare demonstrated it still has some life in it, growing since last month alongside the premiere of the Supremacy DLC.
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Lego Worlds - Our second Lego game of the month, and with Lego Dimensions coming out in September you can probably expect to see more plastic bricks on the trending game list before 2015 is over. YouTube loves games that lets players show off their creativity, so this construction-themed Lego game has the potential to grow for some time.
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The Elder Scrolls Online - This massively multiplayer extension of the Elder Scrolls universe has been open since 2014, but its June release on consoles lead to a surge in uploaders creating content from Tamriel.
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SkyLanders: SuperChargers - The newest entry in the franchise is named after the “SuperCharger” vehicles the SkyLanders get to drive this time around but, based on the news that got the biggest reaction at E3, a better title might be “SkyLanders: Bowser & Donkey Kong Are In This One.”
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Star Wars Battlefront - This game trended in April when it was announced, and it’s trending in June now that we’re actually seeing gameplay footage. Call me crazy, but I think we’ll talk about this game again in November when it finally comes out.
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Final Fantasy VII - 1997’s Final Fantasy VII is one of gaming’s all-time classics and is always in the conversation, but Square-Enix’s E3 announcement of a proper remake and HD update pushed the game to officially reach trending status.
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Heroes of the Storm - Heroes of the Storm has been a game that’s knocked on the trending games list for a few months now, but leaving beta on June 3 seems to have resulted in enough watchtime and uploads for the game to officially chart. If this game continues to grow like other free-to-play MOBAs, it could be on the trending list for months to come.
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--Jeff Rubin

Trending This Week: #LoveWins All, Kittens Fly High, and Michael Jackson Dance Parties!

Love Wins the Supreme Court and YouTube

In case you spent your entire Friday stuck inside the black hole of the DMV or you chose today to “unplug,” I’m excited to tell you the Supreme Court announced this morning that same-sex marriage will be legal in all 50 states effective immediately! Within minutes of the decision, YouTube released the video “#ProudtoLove” that is being described by AdWeek as “the perfect video on the historic day of gay rights.” The video is not only a celebration of marriage equality but pays homage to the countless LGBT creators and YouTube users who have influenced the course of this monumental decision. Our team has continued to celebrate this ruling with playlists highlighting influential LGBT creators, emotional same-sex proposals, inspiring coming out videos, advice on how to be an effective LGBT ally, and a music list all about dancing to the beat of your own drum.

The Evolution of Michael Jackson

Just when we thought Pentatonix had abandoned the YouTube airwaves for a Europe, then Asia, then the United States tour, the a cappella group surprised fans with an “Evolution of Michael Jackson” video that hit 1.8M views in the first 24 hours. The video follows in the footsteps of Pentatonix’s past hits “Evolution of Beyonce” and “Evolution of Music,” which was the video that began PTX’s rise to fame over two years ago. In other PTX news--to keep you in the know with the hip, “Pitch Perfect 2” obsessed kids--the group is at work on their first all-original album, gearing up to tour with Kelly Clarkson, and recently released their first documentary “On My Way Home” on Vimeo.

Stowaway Kitten Gets the Ride of a Lifetime

In under a week, this video of a cat surprising a pilot mid-flight has received over 14M views, driven mostly my viewers curiosity over how the story of this acrobatic kitten will end. While this whiskered hero is certainly the biggest animal video of this week, close contenders in the cuteness category go to these goats and these dachshunds who swallowed their pride, threw on a Minion costume, and danced around for your entertainment. All I can say is, bless them and their thumbless, Minion-like ways.

Does Race Affect Your Dating Life?

Vlogger Franchesca Ramsey nails it once again in her popular MTV series “Decoded,” where this week she examines how race plays a huge role in every person’s dating life. While people often see their dating preferences as a personal choice, Ramsey explains in her signature comedic and thought-provoking way all the ways racial bias and stereotypes are subconsciously molding the chemistry we feel for another person. Ramsey has long been known on YouTube for her honest, complex discussions about race. Though she started her YouTube channel Chescaleigh in 2006, it wasn’t until six years later, after the viral upload of her video “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls,” that she began to gain notice in the larger YouTube community. Her candid conversations about race, the LGBT community, self confidence, beauty, and relationships have made her a role model to young girls-- especially young black girls--who see her as not only someone who resembles them but understands the issues they face on a daily basis.

--Carly Lanning

Who Won the Biggest E3 Yet? The Votes Are In

Every June, the gaming industry embarks on its annual pilgrimage to Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). This year, for the thousands who showed up in person, there were millions who tuned in virtually. New announcements, radical technology, and reveals from much anticipated projects pushed the number of E3-related searches on YouTube to double compared to 2014 - making this the most searched-for E3 on YouTube.

One of the popular questions to ask the week after E3 is “Who won E3?”. With the E3 Trailer Battle, we posed that question to the global gaming audience on YouTube. Sixty-one participating trailers were watched for over 2 million hours from Monday to Friday of E3 week - that’s twice the amount of time people spent watching trailers in last year’s battle. We also received five times the number of votes compared to 2014 and a clear winner emerged.

Congratulations "Fallout 4"! With the most votes, most comments and over 14 million views, this post-apocalyptic masterpiece is something we can’t wait to get our hands on.

From canine companions to dueling lightsabers and beyond, take a look at the five most voted for trailers in YouTube’s E3 Trailer Battle 2015. You can check out all the participating trailers at


Gautam Ramdurai, Insights Lead, Gaming recently watched "No Man's Sky - Interview and Exclusive Footage [YouTube Live at E3]."

Trending This Week: Ed Sheeran Can’t Stop Being a Dreamboat, and Ron Howard Takes Over YouTube [AGAIN]!

Ed Sheeran Just Can’t Stop Surprising Fans

Ed Sheeran, you’ve done it again you beautiful dreamboat. This week, after hearing someone performing his song while shopping in a Canadian mall, Sheeran went to investigate, surprising 13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau with an impromptu duet of “Thinking Out Loud.” With 6.6 million views to date, the video shot by Sheeran’s cousin is just one of many capturing the personal, kind deeds of the Irish singer including his wedding performances, duets, and messages to hospitalized superfans. While people didn’t need more of a reason to love Sheeran -- “Thinking Out Loud” has become the wedding song of 2014/2015 and after 36 weeks, still sits on the Billboard top 100 list -- it’s these very down-to-earth, human moments that endear him to his audience.

Just Two Bros Playing Frisbee

It’s the combination of this pair’s confusion about Frisbee, coupled with the fact that no one else at the beach seems to appreciate their athleticism, that has lead to this video’s rise to fame. The hilarious video of two Bosnian men engrossed in what they believe to be a game of beach Frisbee has delighted the hearts of nearly 1.5 million viewers who can now take this unique sport and share it with the rest of the world.

Ghost Busting Goes British in New Short Film

After seven years of making short sketches on YouTube, comedy duo Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs have branched into the world of short film with “Ghost Hunting Corporation.” The short follows two best friends who hire a mysterious ghost hunter to evict a messy spirit from their flat. Over the years, Jack and Dean have become huge influences in the U.K. creator community and through YouTube, gone on to host live comedy shows and a BBC radio show. The short is part of the Incubator series from New Form Digital, a studio founded by Ron Howard that assists classes of YouTube filmmakers in producing their dream short films. Nine other filmmakers were part of this class including Wong Fu, Tim H, Ben Cook, and Arden Rose, who each released their own film. The most popular to date among the program has been Kick the PJ’s “Oscar’s Hotel,” which is now in production for a full Vimeo series.

Dinosaurs Make Awful Pets

All I’m saying is, never turn your back on a dinosaur and a box of cereal. Coinciding with the premiere of “Jurassic World,” this short dinosaur sketch is one of the most popular of this week and the first video from the channel “We Have a Dinosaur” gained an audience of 1.6 million views. These past two weeks leading up to the “Jurassic World” release have seen a huge upswing in dinosaur-themed content with science facts with Vsauce and Chris Pratt, dinosaur experts rating dino toys, easter eggs, science lessons, piano covers, and of course, a parody by Cookie Monster.

--Carly Lanning